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The Mathematics Department


The Mathematics department at Presdales is a team of highly committed maths specialist teachers who strive to help all the pupils achieve their potential in the subject: Mrs Rugg-Gunn (Head of Maths), Mrs Russell (2nd in Dept), Mr Beckley, Miss Clarke, Mr Levy, Miss Marway, Mrs Share, Mrs Stephenson and Miss Worboys. We all teach a wide variety of age groups and abilities, including liaising with Primary schools right up to Further Mathematics at A level. Within the department, we share and develop our expertise in Statistics, Mechanics and Decision Mathematics as well as Pure Mathematics. We encourage pupils’ wider appreciation of maths with our residential Maths/ICT trip each year, mathematical support in school enrichment days, and our approach of relating mathematics to real life situations.  - Presdales School is a Partnership School with the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education. The Maths department usually supports the training of a PGCE student each year.

Presdales Maths teachers also work in six local junior schools, supporting the teaching of Mathematics to particular groups of Year 6 pupils.

The Maths department works closely with its link Governor, via regular meetings, school visits and email contact.


The Maths department’s vision is to ensure that every student feels fully supported and confident to achieve their potential in mathematics. We wish to provide a variety of teaching and learning styles as well as appropriate and stimulating experiences to maximize the enjoyment, learning and success of our students.


To enable every student to achieve their full potential in Maths

To encourage pupils to take pride in their progress in mathematical understanding

To ensure that the curriculum objectives are closely matched to each individual pupil

To provide varied teaching and learning styles, with stimulating and challenging opportunities

Extracurricular Activities

Every year, the school participates fully in the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Maths Challenges organised by United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) and any follow-up competitions. Annually, 2 students from Year 9 attend the Hertfordshire Masterclass series of six lectures in the Autumn term. We enter pupils for team maths challenges, as appropriate, run by the Hertfordshire Maths team or the UKMT. We publicise and encourage sixth form students to attend enriching conference days at the University of Cambridge or elsewhere.

Most Year 7 pupils attend a 3-day residential trip, investigating how Maths and ICT can be applied to real situations. We run open Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 lunchtime support sessions for any pupils who wish to use facilities or get help/reassurance as they improve their maths. 

A group of Sixth Form maths prefects volunteer as classroom assistants in Key Stage 3 Maths lessons and gain valuable experience as well as being supportive of younger learners and of the school community.

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