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The Italian Department - 2017-2018      

Buongiorno e benvenuto!

Pizza, piano, ghetto, broccoli – we use Italian words every day in English, sometimes without realising. Italian is the language closest to English (Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language, 1987) and therefore Italian serves to enrich the pupils’ English vocabulary and understanding of their mother tongue. Italian is also the Romance language closest to Latin from which many English, French, Spanish and Portuguese words are derived.

Presdales’ Italian department is very proud of its excellent results. In 2017, 91 percent of pupils gained an A*- C grade and 64 percent of pupils gained an A*- A grade in their Italian GCSE.

Department aims and vision

The department aims to equip pupils with language which they can make use of in Italy, and with the skills of language learning. We also aim to provide an insight into Italian culture and traditions, providing excursions to Italy and exhibitions in the UK when suitable.

Pupils may begin in Italian in Year 7, during this year they will learn the basics for communication in Italian and additionally study cultural aspects of language. In Year 9 they continue to build on what they learn in Years 7 and 8.

Extra-Curricular Italian

Italian is offered at Presdales from Year 7 up until Year 13. The department offers two trips and one work experience placement in Italy annually. Both trips offer pupils the opportunity to practise the Italian they have learnt with native speakers and to experience Italy’s rich culture and cuisine.

Year 12 pupils of Italian also provide an Italian club for Year 7 and 8 pupils who wish to learn more about the culture and have more fun with the language.

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