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The German Department

Why learn German?

German is spoken by 120 million people in Europe as their mother tongue.

German is the 2nd most commonly used language in the Internet.

German is the 2nd most important language for scientists.

German is the biggest economy in Europe and the 3rd largest in the world.

At Presdales, German does not just mean learning the language: it also encourages an understanding and appreciation of the people, the turbulent history, the diverse landscapes and the geniuses which lie behind it.

Departmental aims and vision

Presdales’ German department is very proud of its excellent results. In 2017, 63% gained A*/A at IGCSE and an overall 93% A*-C grade for combined IGCSE and GCSE results. At A-level we had a 100 percent pass rate with all candidates gaining an A or B grade and 2 of our students are continuing with German at university.

The Presdales German Department comprises three teachers and a German Language Assistant, who are passionate about the subject and keen to pass on our knowledge and a love of the German language and culture to the pupils we teach.

Our aim as a department is to achieve optimum progress for all our students and to promote a passion for German. To this end, we will challenge and stretch our students to help them gain an outstanding understanding of the grammar and vocabulary. We will develop their ability to speak spontaneously in German as soon as possible and we hope that they will enjoy doing so. To be a successful linguist, you must be proactive in your language learning and as a department we are continuously striving to develop the independent learning abilities of our students. We also provide our students with as many opportunities as possible to experience German culture and to understand the importance of the subject outside of the classroom context.

Extracurricular Activities

Our Senior German Students in year 12 run a German club for year 7 at lunch time every week where they begin learning the language by playing games and enjoy getting to know German culture. The club can be attended by any Year 7 who wants to learn about german and German speaking countries and adds to their cultural and linguistic agility.

The popular four day trip to the Christmas Markets in Düsseldorf and Cologne is organized for Year 8 and 9. Here pupils have the opportunity to spend time in Germany, getting to know the culture and practicing the language and structures they have learnt in class.

I am very fortunate to have been able to go on the German trip, it was a great experience. I loved waking up every morning and looking forward to the fun filled day ahead. It was very interesting to learn about Germany’s culture. I also enjoyed spending time with my friends and meeting new teachers.
Isabelle (Year 9)

I had a really great time in Germany. One of my favourite parts was going on the river cruise. We travelled up the River Rhine. Inside the boat, we were served hot chocolate and cake! It was so nice as the temperature outside was about -2 degrees and we were all very cold! I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Holly (Year 8)

On Thursday morning we travelled to K?ln. We went to the Lindt factory. It had three floors you could see the chocolate being made and then heard about the history of the chocolate. On one floor there was a large chocolate fountain and you could dip wafers in it.
Finally we went to the shop and bought presents for our family and friends.
Freya (Year 8)

The Germany Trip 2017 was amazing! We experienced lots of different things, like their beautiful Christmas markets. Despite the cold, winter weather, I had so much fun going around trying new foods and buying little souvenirs. We also did activities such as going to a cathedral in K?ln which was the largest most beautiful cathedral I have ever seen. However, my favourite part of the trip was when we went to Phantasia Land. Phantasia Land is a big theme park with lots of different rides, including the fastest one in Europe! I had never been on a roller-coaster before, it was thrilling! We also went to see a spectacular light show; it was the best firework display I have ever seen! I would really recommend this trip and, if I could, I would do it all over again.
Maisie (Year 8)

I loved Germany! It was fantastic, especially Phantasia Land. It was so fun. I went on the FASTEST ROLLERCOASTER IN EUROPE! It was scary but the adrenaline rush was definitely worth it. It swung you upside down, round and round. I’m not really sure how many loop the loops I did - I had my eyes closed the whole time. I loved the Lindt factory - the Germans sure do know what they’re doing with chocolate. The chocolate fountain was delish!
Kirsty (Year 8)

On the trip we visited Cologne Cathedral. The building was amazing. It was so tall. 515ft to be precise. What surprised me was that even after two wars, it was still amazing. I really liked the stained glass windows as they were bright and colourful and didn’t stick to a certain theme like other cathedrals. Outside the cathedral were the Christmas markets. There were loads of stalls selling different things. Even though it was cold and started snowing we still managed to get loads of shopping done. I really enjoyed the trip because we did lots of fun activities.
Amelia (Year 8)

In Year 10 our girls have the opportunity to take part in the exchange with Kaiserslautern. This exchange is unique since it has been going for over 20 years. Our girls are paired up with girls from our long-standing partner school St Franziskus Gymnasium. Staying in a German family, visiting the school and attending lessons will help them gain an understanding of every-day life in Germany and will enable them to immerse themselves into the German language. Trips to Heidelberg and Trier provide ample opportunities for further cultural experiences as well as some shopping.

"The German Exchange was a fantastic experience, I didn't just learn about the language and culture but I made contacts in Germany who I hope to stay in touch with"

"It seemed a bit scary at first but the families we stayed with were lovely...I loved having my partner back to show her England and taking her to London"