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Presdales is an Academy with a considerable amount of expertise in the teaching of Modern Foreign Languages.

The DfE have recently appointed us as one of nine schools nationally as a Centre of Excellence for the teaching of MFL.

We are very proud to currently offer French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish up to A-level. Our aim is to encourage linguistically and culturally agile language learners who can transfer language learning skills from one language to another and provide a firm foundation from which to learn further languages fit for the global economy (even more relevant after Brexit!!).

All girls joining us in Year 7 study 2 periods of French and 2 periods of a second language a week. The girls have a taster lesson in German, Italian, Russian and Spanish within their first few days and are then allocated a second language which they begin learning the following week.

The MFL department runs lunch-time clubs and activities for Year 7 for those who wish to take a look at other languages at beginners level.

In Year 8 and 9 all girls continue with 2 periods per week of French and their second language.

In Year 10 all girls pursue at least one modern language at GCSE. This can either be French or the second language they have been studying since Year 7. We encourage girls to continue with both of their languages as the skills are transferable and one can help the other. French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish all follow the same curriculum at GCSE.

Languages continue to be a popular A-level option at Presdales as they are considered to be facilitating subjects and as such are looked upon favourably by the leading universities.

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