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Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 we have chosen AQA as our new syllabus. This will be taught from September 2016. This course is designed to deepen students’ understanding of ideas introduced at KS3 and introduce a broader geographical understanding of human, physical and environmental issues in geography. Beyond the knowledge aspect of the GCSE there is an emphasis on application, decision making and skills, including some statistical ones.

Fieldwork is an integral part of the course. All students are required to complete 2 day trips. One is to study the temperate forest ecosystem in more detail at Epping Forest and the other is to look at the impact of economic change in the Olympic area of London.

Exam results are good and have consistently improved year on year. We have a consistent pass rate of 100% with over half achieving grade A* or A.

The course content comprises of:

• The challenge of natural hazards
• The living world (ecosystems)
• Physical landscapes in the UK
• Urban issues and challenges
• The changing economic world
• The challenge of resource management
• Decision making
• Fieldwork
• Geographical skills

Students sit 3 exams at the end of Year 11 with a variety of styles of questions from multiple-choice to open-ended questions. Students can access the full range of grades from 1 to 9.