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Key Stage 3

The KS3 curriculum aims to introduce students to the different types of geography- environmental, human and physical through a variety of units of study.  Additionally, we teach them a range of transferable skills that they need in order to succeed in geography and can also be applied across the curriculum. This includes practical experience investigating the school microclimate and the changes along a river on the River Tillingbourne.

YEAR 7 Curriculum 2017-2018

Please click here for the Year 7 Curriculum Map.

Autumn Term

• What is Geography?
• Japan - Land of Contrasts

Spring Term

• London 2012 Olympics and Urban Regeneration
• The Changing UK Coastline

Summer Term

• Antarctica
• Weather and climate

YEAR 8 Curriculum 2017-2018

Please click here for the Year 8 Curriculum Map.

Autumn Term

• Ecosystems and The Amazon Rainforest
• Sustainable development of the rainforest

Spring Term

• The Global Fashion Industry
• Map Skills

Summer Term

• Climate Change
• Coral Reefs


YEAR 9 Curriculum 2017-2018

Please click here for the Year 9 Curriculum Map.

Autumn Term

• Development Studies – Why is Ghana an LIC?
• Is trade or aid the answer?

Spring Term

• Plate tectonics – Haiti 2010 v New Zealand 2011
• Energy – How are we going to power the future?

Summer Term

• The River Tillingbourne (A project based on a river study with data collected by the pupils)


Fieldwork and Trips

Year 7

• An investigation into microclimates is carried out in the school grounds.

Year 9

• We take a day trip to the River Tillingbourne where we visit 3 sites and take measurements to investigate how a river changes along its course.