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Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

The department recognises the benefits of sharing ideas and has developed schemes of work to reinforce the Key Stage Three framework. Staff may develop and adapt these schemes as appropriate for different classes but only within the general pattern. The central tenet of the departmental policy is that students should have parity of access to the skills and texts taught across the Key Stage and year groups.

The schemes are enriched with additional resources and ideas. Our schemes of work are held in the KS4 Google drive.

All aspects of the curriculum are common to all. Students must study a Shakespeare play in Year Eight: Twelfth Night, or A Midsummer Night's Dream. In Year Nine all students study the required Key Stage Three examination text which is currently Much Ado About Nothing. By following either the schemes of work or the Passwords books students must experience a range of poetry, prose and drama over each year of Key Stage Three.


The department recognises the vital role drama can play in allowing students to access the curriculum. It has a motivating effect and develops vital speaking and listening skills as well as inter-personal skills which are not covered elsewhere in the curriculum. The department believes pupils should be encouraged to explore their ideas in a practical way whenever possible. Staff may book the Drama Studio when it is free. It is recognised that space is the major limitation but it is hoped that staff will make every effort to overcome this difficulty.

Information Communication Technology

The department recognises the importance of ICT in the modern world. We therefore try to develop these skills as much as possible whilst recognising that it is not an end in itself and the activities must be justified within the English curriculum.

Year 8 Book Club 

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