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Key Stage 4 Curriculum

In Key Stage Four the department follow the AQA English and English Literature specifications. All students are entered for both GCSEs, only in exceptional circumstances are individuals withdrawn from either.

All students follow a common curriculum which has been built into a programme of study which is outlined on the following page. Whilst sections may be completed by students in a different order staff who wish to do so must see either the Head of Department or the teacher in charge of key stage four to confirm their intentions.

The department are in the process of developing common schemes of work which will ensure entitlement to all students.

Controlled Assessment

There are five controlled assessments which are marked in green on the following page. Moderation is coordinated by the teacher i/c of KS4 at the end of each assessment.  A sample is provided by staff and feedback is given regarding adjustments which might or might not need to be made.  Results are then to be recorded on SIMS on the KS4 marksheet.

Any student who does not complete a controlled assessment should be referred to the head of department. No student should reach the spring half term in in year eleven without a completed folder.

Speaking and listening

Speaking and listening assessments are integrated into lessons. Every student will need to use a minimum of three assessment: drama, presentation, and group discussion.  It is the expectation that students will complete at least 2 of each and in most cases more.  These should be recorded on the appropriate departmental sheet which can be gained from the teacher i/c of KS4.  Record sheets should be kept for a minimum of three years after a child has left. 

GCSE Literature

The Literature examination asks questions on modern prose and drama. All students read a modern novel either To Kill a Mockingbird for the top set or Of Mice and Men for all other groups. Drama is The Crucible for the top set and An Inspector Calls for all other groups.

Tier of Entry

There are two tiers of entry for English: foundation and higher. The decision as to which tier a student will be entered for is not made until after the year eleven mock.