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Key Stage 4


GCSE Design and Technology (Graphic Products, Textile Products)

Design and Technology GCSE courses consist of two components: a controlled Design and Make assessment, which is an extended project worth 50% of the total mark, and a written examination worth 50% of their total marks. Students are encouraged to utilise ICT within many aspects of their work.

Year 10 is primarily a skills based course consisting of short focused practical tasks. In addition, students are taught specialist knowledge. The aim is that by the end of Year 10 students will have a thorough understanding of the materials and components they will be using to design and make artifacts. This knowledge will form a substantial note base, which students can incorporate into their GCSE controlled assessment and revise from for the examination.

During the summer term Year 10 students will begin to plan and research their project. The aim is that during the summer holidays they will have the time to gather information from a variety of sources. Then, until Easter in Year 11, students will use class time and homework time to complete their project that will consist of drawn design ideas, making and evaluating an artifact and considering the commercial viability of their design ideas. The remainder of the year is spent revising for the external examination.