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Key Stage 3

Year 7 Curriculum

In Year 7 pupils are given one forty-five minute lesson a week. In this time, they are taught a range of Information and Communication Technology skills building on their previous knowledge and understanding.  Lessons are in half teaching groups allowing each pupil to work individually at a computer.  They will use software to create and edit elements of multimedia such as text, images, video, sound and animation and combine these in an interactive multimedia presentation.  Pupils’ will also have the opportunity to use a graphical programming language (Scratch) and see how this can be used to create a simple game.

Year 8 Curriculum

In Year 8 pupils’ continue to study ICT for one period a week.  They will extend their programming skills by developing more sophisticated games using the graphical programming language Gamemaker.  They will learn about file types and how to convert them to different type for different purposes.  Pupils’ will continue to develop their skills in the creation and editing of multimedia elements, specifically with sound and animation. Pupils’ carry out project work involving spreadsheet manipulation and what-if analysis.

Year 9 Curriculum

In Year 9 pupils’ continue to study ICT.  They will develop their understanding of algorithms and begin studying a text-based language – Ruby. Students will also learn to create a website, use ICT for project planning and undertake an individualised ICT project in an area of interest to them.


Year 7 - One examination in two parts.

Part 1 Students will need to revise .
- Binary numbers and converting between binary and denary numbers, both ways.
- Input, output and storage devices.
- Movie maker
- Scratch
- e- Safety.

Part 2 - No revision necessary.

Year 8 - No formal examination or assessment but will do an activity which will be used for planning purposes by the Computing department. No revision necessary.

Year 9 - No examination.