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Key Stage 4

The new GCSE course we have opted for is the Edexcel/Pearson Business GCSE (9-1) 1BS0.

The course is split into two broad complementary themes called Investigating Business and Building a Business. Theme one develops the concepts of entrepreneurship and the practicalities if setting up a new business including external economic influences. Theme two then explores how businesses grow and looks at operational and financial decision making along with human resource management and recruitment. Both themes are examined with two 90 minute terminal examinations split into 3 sections, A,B & C and requiring skills of calculations, multiple choice, short answer and extended writing.

The course is a good base for progression to Year 12 where we offer Business A level and Economics A level separately. It is also useful to prepare students for the concepts and knowledge required for vocational study such as BTEC. Those considering their own business one day in the future will find the grounding that this rigorous GCSE gives useful.