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Key Stage 3

Year 7 Curriculum

Year 7 provides a foundation year for pupils working in a specialist area, increasing their confidence and skills within a range of processes and techniques. It begins with a drawing course which leads into paint, oil, pastel, collage and other media. Experience across a number of projects is supported by reference to the work of other artists, styles and cultures. This phase of the course is concerned with establishing good practices and building a visual vocabulary.

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Year 8 Curriculum

In Year 8, pupils continue to develop the skills and techniques already covered and extend their ideas into a more independent form of expression. In practical work, this will include drawing, painting, collage and printmaking. They continue to consider the cultural and contextual aspects of the subject and apply this knowledge more fully in their own work. Peer and self-assessment are key factors throughout to help the pupils understand their goals more fully and to increase confidence.

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Year 9 Curriculum

All pupils in Year 9 will develop a wide range of skills, through experiencing the use of a variety of materials and techniques. Our work covers a variety of practices, from observational drawing, glass painting, print making, calico transfer to fashion design. These skills are further enhanced by the study of the work of artists, craftspeople and designers. Our Art and Design course builds progressively as a means of enrichment, understanding and enjoyment within a well-defined structure of knowledge and practical skills. As such, it provides a sound basis for pupils to make informed choices at a later stage.

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