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A Challenging Curriculum

Our curricular provision exceeds the basic requirements of the National Curriculum by offering increased opportunities to all girls, as shown below.

Years 7 to 9

All students follow a common curriculum at Key Stage 3. Subjects studied in each year are: Art, Computing, Design & Technology, Drama, English, French, Geography, History, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education and Science. In addition, all students take a second Modern Foreign Language (MFL) in each year, with a choice of either German, Italian, Russian or Spanish.

Years 10 and 11

At Key Stage 4, all students study GCSEs in Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, either Core & Additional Sciences (or the three separate Sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics), either Geography or History and a GCSE Short Course qualification in Religious Studies B (Philosophy and/or Applied Ethics).

All but a few selected students study a MFL (choosing from: French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish), and then select up to three subjects from: a second MFL, a second humanity (Geography or History), Art & Design, Business, Computing, Design & Technology (Graphics or Textiles), Drama, Food Preparation and Nutrition, Music, Physical Education or Sociology.

Years 12 and 13

All sixth formers follow two year courses which lead to A level in Year 13. There is a wide choice of courses available. For further information please see the separate Sixth Form Prospectus.


All girls are expected to undertake homework which averages an hour each night in Year 7 rising to two and a half hours by Year 11. A homework timetable is given to every girl at the start of each year so that she and her parents know which subjects are set each night. Parents are asked to ensure that suitable provision is made at home so that the work can be done effectively.

Organisation of Teaching Groups

In each year at Key Stage 3, students are taught in one of six mixed ability teaching groups for all subjects, apart from Mathematics and MFL. These teaching groups are put together using information received from primary schools, including their national Key Stage 2 tests. Each student’s progress is carefully monitored. In Year 7 students are setted for Mathematics and their second MFL. In Year 8, students are setted for French, whilst in Year 9, students are additionally setted for Science and English lessons.

At Key Stage 4, the core academic subjects and MFL’s are taught in sets across the year, with all other GCSE option subjects taught in mixed ability groups.

Special Educational Needs

Provision for those with a special educational need is usually made through differentiated teaching and materials and classroom management strategies. Where appropriate, additional support is given to girls requiring help with literacy and numeracy. This may be in the form of extra classes at lunchtime or being disapplied from other subjects for a fixed period of time.

The Exceptionally Able

Exceptionally able girls are identified at an early stage. Provision is made for them within each teaching group, through quality differentiation where the students are stretched and challenged accordingly. Students are set in particular subjects early on in their school careers.

All information about the curriculum we offer is correct at the time of going to press. The exact curriculum offer may vary each year.

Accessibility Plan

The school welcomes those with disabilities. Every effort is made to enable students to access all areas of the curriculum. Lifts and ramps have been installed wherever possible to allow access to all ground floor areas.